Thursday, August 12, 2010

Somethings ephemeral

Come here, my love, sit close by me,
On this patch of grass, moist still, see,
from the slight drizzle in the afternoon,
You are late, and it will be evening soon,
Watch with me the sun, the birds fly by,
Night shadows looming in the fading sky,
Gold-edged clouds turning skips and hops,
Night ascending from the roots to tree-tops,
That gecko staring from two feet away,
Waiting with us for the end of the day.
Life is so beautiful before it dies,
Time so ephemeral when it flies.

Watch with me this descending night,
See the world slowly lost to our sight,
Search with me for landmarks familiar-
A fumbling kiss, a whisper in the ear,
Your hands in mine, a touch of your hair,
Your lips ajar, your smile free of care,
A lone star twinkling in the dark sky,
Too soon it will be time to say goodbye.
Days pass into night, a dawn will come,
For most of us, though not for some.

Possibly my love, the night lies in wait,
Tomorrow not be for us, fickle is fate,
Our dawn might be dark with pain,
Our love might not be same again,
My heart is razed by unknown fears,
Our love may wither with passing years,
It may fall prey to the dullness of days,
Wounded by routine, we may part ways,
Or worse still, descend into indifference,
Only poets sing of love's permanence.

That day when we have nothing to call our own,
Nothing to share, except a sigh and a moan,
and memories of faraway days just like this,
Starlit eyes, and perhaps a stolen kiss,
Languid evenings, a rain-kissed breeze,
Your eyes whispering: let me go please,
A brazen lizard with beady eyes two feet away,
Staring at us instead of looking for prey.
Hold these memories, for when the skies may rain,
We may find them in our heart, and smile again.

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