Friday, June 18, 2010

An alamanac of my being

Every morning I wake up,
Empty my bowels,
Brush my teeth,
Drink some coffee,
Read the papers,
Solve the crossword
(Quick always, never the cryptic),
Rush to office,
Conduct meetings,
Sign correspondence,
Write file notings,
Issue orders,
Meet people,
Till night falls and I can delay
Going home no further,
Log on to the net,
Watch some TV,
Listen to ghazals
While counting the stars,
(Thank God they are so many),
Have sex once in a while,
Or try to write poetry
(When everything else fails),
Evading the territory of dreams
Till deep in the dead of night,
Until sleep sits heavy
On the eyelids
And I can avoid it no longer.

Happy I am indeed,
If happiness is merely
The absence of pain.

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