Friday, June 18, 2010

The Anatomy Of Hope

Did you,
These past fifteen years,
Think of me,

I understand,
It was difficult for you,
While settling to a new life,
Learning to love someone else,
Bearing the pangs of motherhood,
Celebrating its joys,
Rushing around to balance
On a thin edge, work and home,
To steal some moments,
For someone long gone.
The days must have passed in a blur,
And exhausted, the nights dreamless.

Perhaps you could find,
While getting ready in the mornings,
Or just before falling to sleep,
While cooking, washing dishes,
Hanging the clothes to dry,
While commuting, reading,
Listening to a song half remembered,
Putting your baby to sleep,
Loving someone else even,
A few pensive moments,
To let a shadow of the past,
Fleetingly colour your present.
Or perhaps, you could not.
Life must have been a bit too much to bear,
Without making it unbearable a little more.

I dare hope,
With the rhythm of your days,
Having settled now to a steady pattern,
Soothing in its conformity,
The young ones ready to find their feet,
Love now natural for someone else,
Surrounded by the comforts money can buy,
The horizon within the grasp of outstretched arms,
Perhaps you now have a few moments for yourself,
To unravel the tattered threads of long buried thoughts.

Even though,
Deep within my heart I know,
Its more likely knowing you,
You would have found something else to do.

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