Friday, June 18, 2010

A March night in Delhi

The cold-seeped bones
thaw, veins feel the blood
again, the moon-lit sky
shimmers, the night shivers,
but only just.

The sky washed clean of
fog and smog, stars brightly
lit, an yellow halo circles
the moon, the milky way beckons
a solitary traveller.

A faint breeze rustles
the tree-tops, a symphony plays,
A fragrance of thousand roses blends
with the jasmine-scented night-
a heady cocktail.

Tread softly lest the crinkly
dry leaves that carpet the streets
ripple the stillness and deny
the naked silhouttes of trees
the solace of silence.

All around a tranquil peace
that comes from knowing the winter
is far behind, the blazing summer
yet far away, and the promise

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