Friday, June 18, 2010

Some after-dinner ramblings

In this world
of lies and deceit,
Of endless need,
Of views conceited
as truths masquerading,
Of honesty crippled
as a broken wing,
Where truth is a perception,
and the past changes colour
with each rising sun,
Where faith is at the mercy
of a blindly pointed gun,
Where trust is prostituted
in every marketplace,
And a veil shrouds
each uncovered face,
Where the whiff of death prevails,
And life begins with wales,
Where illusions are mirrored
in eyes fearful to see,
The only reality
Is perhaps you and me,
Or more certainly,
The contentment we feel,
After a full meal,
Before going to bed,
Satisfied and sated,
Brutes well fed.

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