Friday, June 18, 2010

An epitaph for love

In the dark veil
Drawn across the sky with the setting sun,
I see you.
In the fragile silences of the night,
Pregnant with the foreboding of sound,
I hear you.
While thrusting my loneliness
Within the depths of the night,
I feel you.
In the scorching rays of the sun on my skin,
I touch you.

But no more.
I refuse to be consumed any longer.

I'm tired of living a fugitive illusion
That flees from my eyes
The moment I open them.
I'm sick of searching for rare flowers
Amidst my green mossed existence.
I know now, I shall never find
Water drops in acid rain.

I'm weary of love, and I want my days back,
My nights as well.

And so,
With these words of farewell,
I bury you,
In the graveyard of memories,
Your love, pale and lifeless,
Sealed and shut in the coffin of poetry,
This poem the epitaph,
The poet the undertaker.

Your love, that was never mine,
I return to you,
Alongwith some wrinkled dreams,
And a few washed up tears.

Do what you please with them,
But set me free.

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