Friday, June 18, 2010

A simple wish

The world dizzily spins,
A top fulfilling its destiny
Along the trajectory of unforgiving time,
And we, like mice
Scurrying around in a granary,
Blindly scramble, bite, scratch, fight,
In a mad daze we dash,
For the horizon that recedes
As time whooshes by
In a blur, until
Already falling off the precipice,
We realise too late,
That what is rushing up
To meet our flailing bodies,
Is just the cold, dark earth,
Oblivion, and the finality
Of the curtains drawing to a close
In an empty theatre.

Let us, just you and I,
Step aside from the stage,
And sit awhile on this
Wet patch of freshly mown grass,
Your eyes turned to the sun,
Your face snuggled in my arms,
Our clothes stained green with the earth,
Watching wordlessly,
A tiny squirrel feeding nuts to its young,
Staring at us amused every now and then,
With its large and beady eyes.

A moment is all I ask of you,
Surreptitiously stolen from fleet footed time,
While the world stands still,
Waiting with abated breath
For the moment to pass,
And mortality to resume its path again.
Anything more would be too much to bear
For mere mortal souls like us.

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