Saturday, June 19, 2010

A smell like rotten fish

Alone in the dark of a moonless night,
The fan slowly sweating overhead,
It seems as if nothing shall be right-
Your memories strewn across the bed.

In the locked dungeons of my mind,
Shackled, bound and suppressed,
I barely know what I shall find,
In wounds which have long since bled.

It all happened long ages ago,
The distance yet is blurred somehow,
Blindly I wonder why should it be so,
That the past strangles the here and now.

I would like to smile and to live again,
I would like to count my blessings few,
Though it's easier said than done,
To be fully and finally free of you.

Memories that won't let go of me,
Clinging to me unbidden, indiscreet,
As the rotten fish smell doesn't let you be,
Long after passing the fishermen's street.

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