Friday, June 18, 2010

Silent night, gentle night

Close your eyes
Like the dusk,
Slowly into sleep
Like the sun
Sinks in the sea
Beyond sky's end.

Curl up your feet
Under you-
A bird
Nesting her egg.

The queen of dreams
To send
A symphony to caress your eyes,
Like the morning breeze
Stirs a sleepy leaf,
Just this much.

Be the peace on you,
As on a mother
When on her first born
Smiles play.

Your bosom
With each deep and even breath-
A boat left free
On the gentle waves
Of a placid sea.

With me watching by your side,
My fingers caught up in your hair,
While shadows of the moon paint
Your face dark, and then so fair.
A faint smile curls your lips
As I wipe worries off your brow,
God must be in his heaven above
As all is well below.

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