Friday, June 18, 2010

And so be it

This long road of tangled memories,
That I have trudged for endless miles,
In a blank forgetfulness shall end soon,
Neither you, nor I, nor the long trek uphill,
Shall matter anymore in an ocean dark,
It will all end soon with a few steps more,
These dulled hurts from long ago aches,
This undissolved lead dying in the heart.

All roads they say lead to this ocean,
Some through pink lily-swamped ponds,
Bright and green forests, golden sunsets,
And others through thorn-pierced deserts,
In scorching sun unrelieved by trace of rain.
It must have been destiny that made me take,
A road forsaken, the road less travelled.

But the end is near, I know in my heart,
I can hear swelling waves singing a lullaby,
The call of the ocean to hide in its bosom,
I can feel the moisture wetting my eyes,
I can taste the salt in my parched throat,
I can smell around me the jasmine-scented night.

Yes, it is all to end with just a few steps more,
Soon I shall forget that alone I walked this road,
That I shivered with the nights and burnt with the sun,
Nothing will matter then- sorrow, joys, vacuities, nor wit,
If you could not be mine, you could not be, and so be it.

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