Friday, June 18, 2010

Talk Vacuities Tonight

Dialectic materialism, history subaltern,
The nature of reality, views post-modern,
String theory, three dimensional geometry,
Stream of consciousness, surreal poetry,
Clash of civilisations, the nation's GDP,
Enough of empty talk, now please let me be,
Kant, Spinoza, they are all such a bore,
Darling, I do not wish to impress you anymore.

Instead, call me a cabbage, I'll reply in kind,
Let your eyes speak, keep aside your mind,
Come, let us giggle, at the silliest of jokes,
Talk utter nonsense, philosophy is a hoax,
Let us jump up and down, roll on the bed,
Let us talk in circles, eat each other's head,
Point to me the spots where you tickle the most,
Come to my arms as a ship nears the coast,
Forget the bitter world, what is wrong and right,
Love, I'm tired of wit, talk vacuities tonight.

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