Friday, June 18, 2010

An empty theatre

Come, sit awhile, have some coffee,
Or maybe, if you prefer, a cup of tea,
Never mind your sorrows, let them be,
Heed what I say, if not my silent plea.

Come, lie awhile, with me beside,
Breasts reaching for skies gaping wide,
(Eyes shut, lips parted, slow rising tide),
Steel-smooth, silken-sweat, sweet-suicide.

Come, walk awhile, hand in hand,
Me brushing aside that wayward strand,
Forget fate, shameless unfaithful fiend,
Eternity, for a moment, caught and canned.

The tea turns tepid, the coffee gone cold,
Cataract-clouded, your eyes liquid gold,
Memories buried under layers of mold,
The movie over, theatre empty, tickets unsold.

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