Friday, June 18, 2010

The smog and the star

I was told the twinkling star
Was you, Watching from afar
Over us, a guardian angel
For our life, thus dreams sell
And are bought by an innocent
Child, still untouched, unbent
By adulthood, maturity,
By the cynical, cruel city.

Growing up, whenever I felt
Lonely, at times when joys melt
Into nothingness, to the sky
I looked, told myself not to cry,
For you were there always
Twinkling in that special place
In my heart, the father I could
Never know, with me who still stood.

That last solace is alas no more
With me, on life's craggy shore
Waves relentlessly beat, eroding
Deep within my heart the thing
Which secured me, kept me calm
Like an often repeated psalm,
Hidden is now your twinkling star,
Smothered by smog, unseen from afar.

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