Friday, June 18, 2010

Futile Thoughts After A Chance Encounter

Long years have passed since we shut
The door that to a shared future led,
Such grown-ups we acted as we cut
Our bond. 'We must think of others', we said.

Years went by, you went your way
And I mine, college far away in Delhi
For me. Ahead for you studies lay
Followed by happy matrimony.

I too married for love, soon enough
Got a job, made my peace with life
That flowed like a river, no edges rough,
For company, poetry and a lovely wife.

My daughter was born, pretty as pearl,
And my happiness seemed complete,
Like a slow melody would nights unfurl,
My days were with rainbow colours lit.

When suddenly, across time's misty way,
The door we had so firmly shut long ago,
On rusty hinges opened a creek one day,
As I chanced upon you, and even though-

Our love was dead, it had nothing to ask,
And nothing to give, yet a thought arose
Unbidden, as if the years had worn a mask,
And with it for an instant fickle time froze-

How our lives would perhaps have been,
Had we acted our age when eighteen.

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