Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to say farewell

I remember the way you looked at me,
As the parting drew near,
Tiny droplets built a bridge on your face,
And I couln't help thinking
Of the fickleness of fate and love.
The hushed remnants of your words,
Mumbled, heard, and yet unheard,
But still understood,
Swept over me as I took a last,
Long long look. The world was lost to me.
Your face as you smiled,
Dimpled like the valley,
Dark and barren, the valley of my life.
I didn't see your smile,
Rivetted I was to the sadness in your soul.
And again, even now, my thoughts wander,
To all that is lost to me.
Won't you ever return,
To calm me in this furnace of life,
And make me once more,
The master of my dreams.

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